20.-24. Mai 2021
Liebe auf den ersten Blick.

Speakers and Their Topics

Here is where the speakers present their topics and their vision and goal for the ACIM festival 2020.

This year there will an “opening act” at the festival. It commences on the day of arrival, 28th of May at 2pm with new speakers who share their experiences as teachers of A Course in Miracles. The official opening gathering will be at 7pm of that day.

“A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s.” Manual for Teachers, 1-1

Voilà, the Opening Act:

Silvia Middendorf and Anne Marie Kroll, Germany

Talk: Devotion to the Light.

We, Anne-Marie and Silvia are you and everyone. In our function given by God we just want to serve and be helpful for our awakening.

Barret Hedeen, USA

Talk: Love, In a Time of Madness

Barret felt called to be at the Festival to share light and joy with everyone he can.  When we witness each other fully and truly, our shadows of fear and pain fall away and our inner Light shines forth!  

Barret is the founder of MiraclesU.org, an online academy for A Course in Miracles.  He has written two books about the Course, including Questions for J – And the Love that He Gave Me, and works with individuals and groups to help us all wake up!  

Manuela Nisha, Switzerland

Talk: The Beauty of the Gifts of God.

“We invited the light and let the true beauty beyond littleness be shown anew by God. Where the light streams in the space is limitless: A holy instant that reveals the entire splendor of Heaven.”

“There is another way of looking at things.” Remember with Manuela Nisha in a creative and playful manner how easy and delightful the New can be experienced, with gratitude and love at hand.

The Speakers of The Festival:

Andrea Hanheide, Germany

Talk: Accept the Atonement for yourself and you are healed.

Workshop: Being in vocation. Complete forgiveness and the lifting of the veil.

“My goal is truth and my biggest joy is the moments when we remember together how loved and loving we are in God. I am looking forward to a shared presence in equality and remembrance.” – Andrea

Luis “Lu” Miguel Falcao, South-Africa

Talk: Life after “Awakening” (The Holy instant)

Workshop: The holy relationship. Walking each other Home.

Lu’s vision for the festival: “To experience each other as holy and mighty companions on the way Home.”

Lu hosts weekly ACIM classes in Johannesburg South Africa and since he started ACIM, Lu has shared Jesus’ Course Teaching with audiences throughout Africa and abroad. He has vowed to do so until God’s Voice calls him to the final awakening. 

Andreas Pröhl, Germany

Talk: One Love – One Life- One Miracle.

Workshop: Miracles in action.

His vision for this festival “The meaning of Love cannot be taught. We are only making room for it and ask how it wants to show itself now. The universal Love surrounds us everywhere and is what we are. This is A Course in Miracles, because the miracle opens our eyes again for the Love that is already present. I see this festival as an invitation to see just that.” – Andreas

Andreas teaches the Course from an inner conviction to fulfill the purpose of our existence and to restore our awareness to the Source, that we never left. Andreas offers the teachings of A Course in Miracles in workshops, retreats and online. He is the initiator of this festival.

Website: andreasproehl.com, YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/andreasproehl/videos

Constantin Cranz, Austria

Talk: Beyond all doubt.

Workshop: From doubt to certainty.

His vision for the festival: “Be willing to give yourself completely, to receive everything. Let go of all expectations and open up for the miracle. It is waiting to endow you with presents.”

“For a long time I have been living in deep devotion to truth and its Source. It is my deepest desire, to accompany others on their search to bring them in touch with their Self and and their divine Guidance. Due to a longstanding practice in coaching, meditation and transformation I have learnt a broad variety of methods and techniques that enable me to gain long lasting results effectively. I have the special desire to restore our attention to our common inner perfection.” – Constantin

Neda Boin, Netherlands

Voice Liberation Workshop: Practical experience of true forgiveness

Healing concert: A Course in Miracles songs accompanied by inspiring stories that support the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

Her vision for the festival: “My vision for the festival is for it to be a place where we all have beautiful joinings where we can recognize our own innocence in each others eyes. May it be a festival where we dare to be our authentic Self, and feel the safe space to look at all of our false beliefs, together with Spirit, together with our brothers and sisters, so we can surrender all those gifts unto Spirit and become lighter and lighter still.” 

Neda Boin is a heart touching singer songwriter who uses her voice to channel the Spirit and crack open your heart. She released her award-winning debut album ‘The Light Has Come’, which is completely inspired by A Course in Miracles.
Website: nedaboin.com

Devavan, USA

Talk: Sharing One Life is to Know your Source.

Workshop: Love asks you only to be happy.

Devavan about the purpose of the festival:
“This is a gathering in which minds align to share without fear just as we are, in an honesty and sincerity and to meet one another! And in this honesty and sincerity we remember what we can, should, and must really share. …because it is something which is universally given as a fact. “

Devavan shares his awakening as a Teacher of God and demonstrates the teaching of A Course In Miracles by accepting unqualified forgiveness and unconditional love as an extension of his Awakening Experience. He has received and shared a multiplicity of healing moments through the Power and Light of Holy Spirit, recognizing the singularity of Christ Mind. He is currently active in personal communication as a mentor and also gives sessions, seminars and retreats as an invited teacher, or is present “online”, e.g. in the group Arbeitsgemeinschaft Universelle Inspiration, the Stimme des Himmels – Voice from Heaven (Spreaker.com) or on his blog https://devavan.blogspot.com — His last book “The Call to the Unlimited” is available on Amazon. — http://tinyurl.com/ycrgo7y8

Website: devavan.blogspot.com

Gestna Maria Dunker, Germany

Talk: The Holy Spirit would teach you nothing except how to be happy.

Her vision for the festival: “This is a course in miracles. Join in! You are teacher and student. The Holy Spirit is your Guide and your brothers are your companions and saviors. Everything is guiding you on your path back Home.”

“I am motivated by the very deep and content resting in God. The passing-by of blocks is a necessity, but the path is worthwhile.”

Gestna’s website: gestna-maria.com

Gottfried Sumser, Germany

Talk: Self realization.

Workshop: A Course in Miracles in application.

His goal for the festival: “HEALING TOGETHER – THANK YOU!”

“Experience your light, use the opportunity to celebrate Life.” In his thought-provoking seminars, talks and videos Gottfried Sumser reminds us of the inner truth, the light and fascination of life. Step off the brakes, welcome your life. The central theme of his work – Self-realization and relationships – is what he conveys lovingly and sometimes in a provoking manner.
Website: gottfriedsumser.com

Kendra Rott-Gettel, Germany

Talk: Moving mountains at last – how to access your miracle power within.

Workshop: Experience your inner miracle power.

“My intention for this festival is to dive deeper into the awakening and to make the ever-present Holy Spirit tangible for everyone.“ 

Kendra helps you, to find the Love and peace within you, and to bring this peace and Love into your outer life. In personal coachings as well as in the format “Finders Course” she supports people in the process of awakening.
Website: endlichbergeversetzen.de

Tim Christopher, United Kingdom

Talk: The Healing Imperative.

Workshop: When Your Eye Is Single…

Tim’s goal for the festival: “If we can appreciate the power, the simplicity and immediacy of the miracle, its value will never be understated. Without any recourse to the mechanical, evaluative conceptual mind at all, the perfectly natural corrective power of the miracle is wholly self-evident in the presence of our holy relationship. Thus we can now realize the potential value of each encounter which is limitless.”

Tim bears the joyful burden of gratitude for so many blessed instants of divine grace and healing he has received in the continuing self-realization of the miracle of our true nature in God. This is the basis for his ministry, compelling him to answer the call to teach and heal in the name of Christ, for the cost of receiving is giving and vice versa. Director – Illuminate Mind Foundation – illuminatemind.net