Here you can register for the in person ACIM festival in Bath Meinberg.

Step 1 of 2:
Choose your participation fee. To make the festival affordable for everyone and cover all costs you can choose your participation fee among three amounts according to your personal income: 120€, 210€, 300€.

Please bring the amount in cash to the festival, or transfer it up front via bank or PayPal with your name in the subject.

Bank details: Pröhl, Andreas; IBAN: DE43 4401 0046 0340 9294 69, BIC: PBNKDEFF, Paulinenstr. 11, 32756 Detmold, Germany

Step 2 of 2:
Please fill in the registration form and choose your accommodation type.  The full payment for the Festival is the participation fee chosen in Step 1 plus the accommodation fee you select in the menu below.  

First Name - Last Name
Children under 3 years of age stay for free. Children between 3 and 11 years stay for a 50% discount.
Please enter your phone number including country code in this field.
Please enter your e-mail address here, so we can send you your booking information.
Choose your type of accomodation. If you want to share your room with someone please let us know in the comment section. For a day ticket also use the comment section to let us know on which day you want to join. Prices are for accommodation and full board from the 28th of May to 1st of June.
Let us know with whom you want to share your your room, if you have deviating arrival- or departure days, or if you just want to leave a blessing and a word of anticipation. 😇