The Miracle of Bath Meinberg - Course in Miracles Festival

It happens right now, in this instant.

Invitation with Images

Images say more than a thousand words. Watch the trailer and feel wholeheartedly invited to join the Course in Miracles Festival 2018! The festival is a spiritual journey of discovery to something that we have forgotten. Yet it is not lost, but it wants to be re-discovered. It is your true Identity, your complete innocence, your complete healing. Thus we remember a law that everything is there for you and you are there for everyone. This is true, because every single one you meet represents the Entirety. And everyone that meets you is being reminded of the Entirety. Just like that. Through a simple desicion. Come as you are!

It really is happening! A second, great festival for A Course in Miracles in Germany. For you, and for everyone who wants to join. 

"One brother is all brothers. Every mind contains all minds, for every mind is one. Such is the truth."*

This is the theme and the reminder this festival is about. When you are healing you are not healing just by yourself. When you remember your true Home, you remember with your neighbor. Be invited to experience this simple, ancient and eternally present truth. This is what we want to celebrate, that is why we meet. Are you ready? By your "Yes" this becomes a real celebration of the healed and whole mind.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at your festival, your Course in Miracles Festival in Bath Meinberg, Germany! - Andreas Pröhl, initiator und speaker

* A Course in Miracles, Lesson 161

The Love of God, for a little while,
must still be expressed through one body to another,
because vision is still so dim.
You can use your body best to help you enlarge
your perception so you can achieve real vision,
of which the physical eye is incapable.
Learning to do this is the body's only true usefulness.

A Course in Miracles - Ch.1 VII.2:4,5

You don't have to understand life,
then it will become like a celebration.
And let every day happen to you
like a child which while passing-bye
receives many blossoms blown
by the wind. 
To collect and save them
does not cross the children's mind.
Silently it picks them from its hair
as preciously they have been caught, 
and holds out to the dear young years
its hands anew. 
Rainer Maria Rilke (free translation)

* The presented thoughts and elaborations about A Course in Miracles® in the context of this event represent the personal opinions and interpretations as well as the personal understanding of the organizers and speakers and not those of the copyright holders of A Course in Miracles®, the Foundation for Inner Peace.